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spaghetti squash cakes, parmesan fritters, bacon fritters

Bacon Spaghetti Squash & Parmesan Fritters – need I say more?

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This is one of my most favorite new recipes. Kids love these! Who knew that spaghetti squash could be a kid friendly food? [click to continue…]


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I love blueberries and banana bread. For years, I’ve been making this regular banana bread with blueberries with wheat flour, and I’ve been missing it terribly ever since I unexpectedly became gluten intolerant in the last several months and couldn’t eat any regular baked desserts. Well, no more missing or crying over my blueberry banana bread, as I have just successfully made a gluten free version of it, using King Arthur multi-purpose gluten-free flour (and no gums whatsoever)!

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This banana bread tastes just like a regular banana bread – so delicious, you can’t stop at one slice! I am coming to a conclusion that as long as you add some sort of fruit into a gluten free baking recipe (mashed bananas and whole blueberries in this case) – it’s bound to turn out really good. It happened with this gluten free peach yogurt cake, and it happened with this beautiful banana bread: [click to continue…]


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After I published the recipe for Parmesan Zucchini and Garlic Pasta, one of the readers left a comment that she added walnuts to the zucchini pasta, and it turned out really good. The idea of zucchini cooked in olive oil, topped with melted, freshly grated, Parmesan cheese AND then sprinkled with some kind of toasted nuts has been brewing in my head for a whole day on Monday, and – voilà – all this thinking has thankfully not gone to waste and instead materialized into a delicious Parmesan Zucchini & Spaghetti Squash with Pine Nuts!

how to cook zucchini, spaghetti squash pasta, gluten free pasta recipes

This dish is so unbelievably good: the zucchini, spaghetti squash, Parmesan cheese and toasted pine nuts are meant to be together! [click to continue…]


zucchini parmesan, gluten free pasta, zucchini pasta recipe

Zucchini has been on my mind lately, mainly because a huge zucchini has been sitting in my fridge for quite some time begging to be used and not wasted. The zucchini was really huge, similar in size to this jumbo zucchini (scroll down and you’ll see the zucchini on her head :) ). I wanted to take some funny pictures with it too, but instead I’ve made this delicious Parmesan Zucchini & Garlic Pasta:

vegetarian pasta, vegetarian recipes, vegetarian gluten free pasta

The dish came out so delicious – I couldn’t get enough of it: [click to continue…]


gluten free cake, gluten free dessert, gum free gluten free dessert

I am so excited about this recipe! As I am slowly eating a second slice of this gluten free cake, I still can’t believe that it tastes just like regular, everyday gluten/wheat based cake. So good! I am so happy about this cake: the flavor, the texture, the softness! And, because I am the only gluten-intolerant person in my house right now, this gives me an excuse to keep this cake all to myself. :) Please meat Gluten Free Peach Yogurt Cake, made without any gums, using gluten-free (and gum-free) multi-purpose flour (King Arthur brand), and Greek yogurt:

gluten free peach cake, gluten free peach cake bars, xanthan gum free recipes

I have done so much research before making this cake. I spent hours learning what would be the best way to make a gluten-free cake that has a nice texture, a cake that rises during baking, is moderately moist (not crumbly or gummy), and, finally, I did not want to use any gums. I have achieved all of that in this cake: [click to continue…]


strawberry spinach salad, homemade salad dressing, balsamic vinegar based dressing, salad with nuts

It’s hard to say good bye to the Summer, and I still have some strawberries left in the refrigerator. Couldn’t think of any better way to use them than to throw them into this simple spinach salad with strawberries and toasted almonds.
[click to continue…]


oyster mushroom recipes, how to cook oyster mushrooms

I’ve discovered oyster mushrooms several years ago and have been regularly cooking with them since then. Their flavor and texture are amazing. They are versatile and filling: I could eat 2 servings of this recipe for dinner and not go hungry. Sauteed oyster mushrooms are also a great side dish for grilled steak, or they can be mixed with pasta or rice, or cooked as part of rice risotto. [click to continue…]


broccoli recipes, Asian recipes, Asian dinner, Asian comfort food, vegetarian recipe, recipe with oyster mushrooms

Delicious and easy-to-make dinner: Asian-flavored pasta with broccoli and oyster mushrooms. Perfect for the weeknights! I love using oyster mushrooms in cooking, and they taste exceptionally wonderful in Asian dishes. Oyster mushrooms are easily available in Asian stores and in some regular grocery stores, too. The sauce is very basic but deliciously flavorful: tamari sauce + honey + sesame oil + crushed red pepper flakes (optional). I am using wheat-free tamari sauce, which is basically a gluten-free version of soy sauce. Soy sauce is much saltier than tamari, so if using tamari, make sure to season your final dish with salt, if desired. [click to continue…]


How to make gluten free crepes, gluten free recipes, gluten free desserts, gluten free diet, dairy free diet

I am so excited to share this recipe for gluten free crepes that taste just like regular ones – you can trust me on that statement as I’ve made LOTS of regular (non gluten free crepes) in my lifetime. By the way, these are also dairy free and gum free.

How to make gluten free crepes

Why am I making gluten free crepes all of a sudden, while all other desserts on my site are pretty much full of gluten? Well, to my great shock, surprise, and disappointment, after a horrible infection and a course of antibiotics, I became gluten intolerant over the course of 2.5 months, and I’ve been gluten free for about a month now.

How to make gluten free crepes, gluten free diet, dairy free diet, gluten free recipes

Up to this point, I have made and published lots of non-gluten free desserts on this site, and with these gluten free crepes I am making my first foray into the world of gluten free desserts! [click to continue…]


easy risotto recipe, rice recipes, recipes with rice, mushroom recipe, gluten free recipes, gluten free ideas, gluten free dinner

Delicious, creamy, and very easy-to-make mushroom risotto.  I don’t like spending much time at the stove after a long day at work, and I already made this dish several times this week after work on weeknights – that’s how easy this risotto is! The recipe is perfect for weeknight cooking, and the dish tastes like it came from a good Italian restaurant! [click to continue…]


gluten free mushroom recipes, paleo mushroom recipes, garlic recipes

I love mushrooms, and mushrooms often are at their best when prepared in the most basic way like this simple mushroom and garlic saute. This recipe is also great for paleo and gluten free life style, with just a few simple and natural ingredients producing very flavorful and filling meal!

sliced button mushrooms, cooking mushrooms

The recipe uses 12 oz of button mushrooms and produces modest 4 servings that will go great with any grilled meat, especially steak! Or, you can eat it as-is as a vegetarian dish!   After you have sauteed the mushrooms with garlic in olive oil, they become very juicy, delicious, with a meaty flavor and texture: [click to continue…]