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  1. This sounds yummy! However, as written, you have a pan for the cauliflower, a pan for the sauce, a blender/food processor, a pan for the mushrooms, a bowl and a pan for the shrimp, a pan for the pasta, a pan for the peas, plus other odds and end — measuring cups and spoons, cheese grater, serving dishes, etc.
    I would never do that to my daughter, who does the dishes. Having said that, one can certainly figure out how to do this with fewer pans and dishes. And I will.

  2. This Sauce Is Wonderful! I Tried It With The Recipe Given And My Entire Family Had No Idea It was Made With Cauliflower! Tonight Im Doing It With Chicken And Proscuitto Carbonara. I Am Confident It Will Turn Out Just As Amazing! Thanks For The Recipe.

    Please Ignore All The Caps My Phone Is Doing It Automatically And I Don’t Have The Patience To Ho Back And Correct Them All Lol.

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