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Beet and goat cheese fettuccine pasta

I am always looking for interesting recipes that include beets. In particular, I wanted the recipe with beets AND pasta, the recipe that accentuates the richness of beets (both in flavor and their bright appearance) and that I could serve as a main course. This dish combines pureed beets with brown butter and goat cheese, […] Read More

Arugula salad with beets and Gorgonzola cheese

This is a truly incredible salad combining quite a variety of flavors on one plate: beets, oranges, pecans, Gorgonzola cheese, arugula.  Give it a try! It’s not at all dominated by beets: all ingredients are well-balanced.  I like to put quite a lot of beets in there, but you can get away with as few […] Read More

How to cook raw beets

How to cook beets, cooking beets

I always buy fresh raw beets and then cook them at home the way I like. Here I will describe how to cook raw beets by boiling them. First, I want to profess my everlasting love for beets. Not only do they add wonderful accents to various recipes, they also have an excellent nutrition value. […] Read More

Beet soup with kefir

Beet soup with kefir

To-date, I have not met anyone who loves beets more than I do.  There are many reasons why, but that’s a subject for a separate blog post.  Let’s just say not only do I their earthy taste, I like the effect the have on the colon function.   Have constipation problems?  Try some beets!  Looking for […] Read More

Small amounts of beets go great with green salads.    In fact, seems like almost all fine dining restaurants these days have a green salad with beets on the menu. This salad combines different flavors which play off one another: tart and sweet, earthy and peppery, fresh and cooked. Spinach and beet salad with goat cheese, […] Read More