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Natural Light Photography


Elks taking a stroll along the road into the woods. There were so many of them, I wish I had my regular camera with a zoom. Instead, I just had my phone, so the photo quality is not the best, I couldn’t zoom in close as I wanted to. The elks were not in a […] Read More

Colors of the Fall, leaves…

I love Fall, with all its colors and overcast skies […] Read More

A still life of rustic objects

I was looking through some of my older photos and found a few that I always liked.  These are just simple photos of simple but pretty objects that I notice sometimes if I am actually paying attention to my surroundings and not just going through the motions of the day :). To me, the objects […] Read More

I snapped these 2 images at the same spot by the creek(in Northern Arizona) during different seasons. First image is Winter image, and second image is Summer. I love the contrast of color, mood, and life in these photos. We all have our favorite nature spots, and I think it’s fun to compare how the […] Read More