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I’ve had a frozen rabbit in my freezer for a long time. It somehow got blocked by other frozen meats, so for a while I forgot that I even had it. Finally, on a freezer clean-up day, I find a pleasant surprise at the very back of the bottom shelf of my freezer: a frozen […] Read More


Elks taking a stroll along the road into the woods. There were so many of them, I wish I had my regular camera with a zoom. Instead, I just had my phone, so the photo quality is not the best, I couldn’t zoom in close as I wanted to. The elks were not in a […] Read More

My yesterday’s post was about how to make homemade Dulce de Leche from sweetened condensed milk, and today’s recipe is one of the ways to use Dulce de Leche in a dessert: in a peach sandwich cookie. I guess with this post I am officially opening the season of holiday baking on my blog! This […] Read More

I always make my own Dulce de Leche, and it is one of my favorite ingredients to use in dessert recipes. Dulce de Leche is basically a very dense sweetened milk with caramelized sugar. It is usually prepared by heating sweetened condensed milk for many hours until it thickens, and the sugar in the milk […] Read More

Bacon Quiche Tartlets

I love my Williams-Sonoma 6 mini-tartlet pan, and I can’t get enough of it: it’s so convenient to bake individually sized little tarts that look so pretty (both sweet and savory). This tart pan makes 6 mini-tarts, 3 inch diameter each. This is the minimum number of tartlets that I will usually bake at any […] Read More

My favorite pomegranates

I love pomegranate seeds. I love them plain, eating seed by seed as a snack; I love them in my pomegranate martinis. I use them in recipes, and I just plainly love to look at them. Growing up it was my favorite snack when they were in season. My sister and I would usually each […] Read More

Cherry gelatin

I don’t want to post any “heavy” recipes today, the day after Thanksgiving. Yesterday, I’ve eaten so much of cornish game hens and blueberry pie, I am not even hungry today at 5:00pm. All I want to eat today is something light and not very rich to detox myself after yesterday’s feast. For instance, this […] Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Here is what I just cooked 3 hours ago: cornish game hens stuffed with dried-fruit-pecan-fig-apple-prosciutto stuffing, served with green beans and roasted sweet potatoes and apples. NO BIG TURKEY THIS YEAR. Turns out cornish game hens are a great alternative to turkey. In fact, I did not miss turkey at all. I will […] Read More

I haven’t posted a single Thanksgiving-related recipe this season, and what am I posting the night before the Thanksgiving Day? Not a recipe for stuffing, pie, pumpkin soup or potato gratin. No. I am posting a mere salad recipe. A Thanksgiving salad recipe. Who eats salads on Thanksgiving, you might ask? Truth be told, I’ve […] Read More

Painting with light

Have you ever tried painting with light?   It’s fun, and you can create pretty interesting photos.  I used a very basic, small flash light.      Quite an electrifying look, don’t you think […] Read More

Banana bundt cake

Once again, my husband has purchased bananas to eat along with his work-out routine, and once again he’s been forgetting to eat them. Predictably, I was once again left with 3 overly ripe bananas on my hands and one more dilemma in my head. I couldn’t make banana bread because I don’t have a bread […] Read More

Colors of the Fall, leaves…

I love Fall, with all its colors and overcast skies […] Read More

This is my reliable, “boring”, proven recipe for a basic white bread. All you do is spend 5 minutes to add ingredients to the bread pan and the bread machine does all the work, on an automatic cycle that is already programmed. That’s the whole purpose of the bread machine, right? The end result is […] Read More

Sometimes, I want a special dinner, which looks sophisticated like a main course from a fine dining restaurant, but which is easy to make. It took me exactly 1 hour to make this dinner, even though it looks much more complicated, due to the number of ingredients and the fact that it has basically 3 […] Read More

Beet and goat cheese fettuccine pasta

I am always looking for interesting recipes that include beets. In particular, I wanted the recipe with beets AND pasta, the recipe that accentuates the richness of beets (both in flavor and their bright appearance) and that I could serve as a main course. This dish combines pureed beets with brown butter and goat cheese, […] Read More

A still life of rustic objects

I was looking through some of my older photos and found a few that I always liked.  These are just simple photos of simple but pretty objects that I notice sometimes if I am actually paying attention to my surroundings and not just going through the motions of the day :). To me, the objects […] Read More

OK, after my blog post yesterday on how to make crepes, I can’t wait to share one of my most favorite ways to serve them. So here it goes.  I want to warn you right away, this post has some of my worst photography, and the resulting crepes with ricotta cheese look much more appetizing […] Read More

This is my time tested recipe for basic crepes. Because I make them so often at home, I became somewhat of a crepe expert in my family, and mind you, being an expert in crepes does not amount to many privileges here, except for the privilege of making lots of crepes and practicing flipping them […] Read More

Free photo editors and collage makers online

I am pretty cheap and practical when it comes to a lot of things. For example, I don’t own or use Photoshop or Lightroom software, and the only lens that I use to take my food photos costs only $100. I buy all my nice Nike running and work-out outfits (worth around $40 each) at […] Read More

Chocolate cupcakes, with no frosting

It hasn’t been a month since I made a chocolate cake recipe, based on one of the best recipes I’ve found so far, and I am already craving it again. I also recently purchased lovely brioche molds from Williams-Sonoma and hadn’t had a chance to use them yet. I know that with brioche, one has […] Read More

I snapped these 2 images at the same spot by the creek(in Northern Arizona) during different seasons. First image is Winter image, and second image is Summer. I love the contrast of color, mood, and life in these photos. We all have our favorite nature spots, and I think it’s fun to compare how the […] Read More

October in review

October has been a good month for me: I posted a lot of my favorite recipes here, and I’ve accomplished all of my objectives outside of blogging (working out at least 3 times a week, cooking at home every evening, making a big dent in re-organizing the house, and being productive at my day job). […] Read More

This is my third post for November NaBloPoMo – a recipe for baked egg breakfast tarts. Just like my other baked egg cups from a couple of weeks ago, these are very easy to make, provided you prepare the dough for tart shells in advance, because, although tart shells are super easy to make, the […] Read More

Apple Cinnamon Buttermilk Cake

Want a warm and cozy Fall dessert? Then look no further than this apple and cinnamon coffee cake recipe (made with buttermilk or kefir) that I recently discovered on Martha Stewart’s site. This easy-to-make recipe makes abundant use of Fall’s fresh sweet (and tart) fruits and flavors, without overwhelming them with too many other flavors. […] Read More