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Sweet Tarts

Last summer I got really hooked into making all types of tarts and tartlets, and I have unfortunately completely neglected my beautiful Williams-Sonoma tart and tartlet pans since then. But I can’t let the summer go by without posting at least one tart recipe. And, of course, because it’s summer, it should be a recipe […] Read More

Caramel Apple Strawberry Tart

Apple tarte tatin, or simply caramel apple tart, with strawberries – making this dessert with a very French name has long been on my to-do list, ever since I saw this recipe on Orangette and Smitten Kitchen. I became even more inclined to make this apple tarte tatin after reading that Molly of Orangette had […] Read More

Plum and apple tart on puff pastry

This is that puff pastry dessert I was talking about earlier this week, when I got carried away baking puff pastry goodies for Weekend Cook and Tell Event at SeriousEats.com. Just like anything with puff pastry, this recipe is very easy: just peel, slice, assemble and bake. Plum and apple tart that you see on […] Read More

Petite plum tarts (tartlets)

I want to warn you right away – this is a very rich dessert! Not surprisingly why – goat cheese whipped together with heavy cream and sugar! I think plums are way overlooked and underused as ingredient.  So, to rectify this situation, I made a plum tart dessert.  I love plums as a fruit that’s […] Read More

How to make tart crust for 6 tartlets

How to make sweet tart crust dough, recipe, for 6 small tartlets

This is a basic sweet tart dough recipe, adapted from the cover for the tartlet molds I purchased at Williams-Sonoma. It makes a great flaky sweet crust for 6 small tartlets, which are 3 inches diameter each. It’s a great way to make individual fruit desserts or small savory appetizers. This recipe will also work […] Read More

I’ve been making a lot of tarts lately (both sweet and savory), and wanted to share the basic recipe to make a slightly sweet and very flaky tart crust from scratch that can serve as a base for various fruit tarts and tartlets. This tart dough recipe produces an amazingly flaky and light crust, so […] Read More

Blueberry Tart

If you want to bake a blueberry dessert that is all about fresh berries and pure blueberry flavor – this is the right recipe to use!  Nothing in this recipe interferes with the flavor of blueberries, and the tart shell is perfectly crumbly, sweetened appropriately as to not overwhelm the berries.   Whenever I bake […] Read More