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Cherry pie bars

This is just a simple pie, but there are a lot of memories attached to it.  When my twin sister and I were little, we would spend every summer vacation at our grandparents’ house, away from the city noise.  The house had a wonderful garden with lots of fruit trees: apples, cherries, and many kinds […] Read More

This bread pudding recipe is a favorite in my family.   It is a little more sophisticated version of a regular bread pudding, and what makes it so is adding white chocolate to the bread pudding and Creme de Cacao liqueur to the cream sauce. White chocolate bread pudding with cream sauce – made with […] Read More

How to make savory tart crust from scratch

How to make savory tart crust dough

This tart dough recipe produces an incredibly flaky crust, which you can use with endless savory fillings (as opposed to sweet) to fill your 9.5 inch tart pan. Basic savory tart crust 9.5 inch tart pan Prep time: 40 min Bake time: 40 min Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups flour 1/4 teaspoon salt 9 tablespoons cold […] Read More

Pumpkin (Butternut squash) turnovers recipe

My mom used to make pumpkin or butternut squash turnovers when I was a child, and I always loved their sweet peppery taste. It’s been more than 10 years since I ate these last time, so I finally decided to make them again, using puff pastry. Butternut Squash Turnovers Recipe Prep time: 60 min Bake […] Read More

How to make tart crust for 6 tartlets

How to make sweet tart crust dough, recipe, for 6 small tartlets

This is a basic sweet tart dough recipe, adapted from the cover for the tartlet molds I purchased at Williams-Sonoma. It makes a great flaky sweet crust for 6 small tartlets, which are 3 inches diameter each. It’s a great way to make individual fruit desserts or small savory appetizers. This recipe will also work […] Read More

I’ve been making a lot of tarts lately (both sweet and savory), and wanted to share the basic recipe to make a slightly sweet and very flaky tart crust from scratch that can serve as a base for various fruit tarts and tartlets. This tart dough recipe produces an amazingly flaky and light crust, so […] Read More

Blueberry Tart

If you want to bake a blueberry dessert that is all about fresh berries and pure blueberry flavor – this is the right recipe to use!  Nothing in this recipe interferes with the flavor of blueberries, and the tart shell is perfectly crumbly, sweetened appropriately as to not overwhelm the berries.   Whenever I bake […] Read More