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5 Romantic Things To Do in Koh Samui

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Thank you Vana Belle Resort for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Vana Belle Resort, Ko Samui Thailand, Starwood, the luxury collection

Koh Samui Island in Thailand is a great vacation spot for everybody: couples, families with kids, friends traveling together, young adults. There are so many things to do for everybody! Beautiful, exotic landscape, lush greenery, sandy beaches, blue water, and coral reefs. This island has been destined to be a Paradise.

The island is abundant with tourist resources, and the best resorts on the island offer so many amazing activities WITHIN the resort, that you can literally stay at the resort for a week or two, without ever leaving it, and not feel bored or like you’re missing anything. One of such resorts is Vana Belle, a Luxury Collection Resort.

Vana Belle Resort, Ko Samui, Thailand, the luxury collection, Starwood, SPG, best hotels in Thailand, best resorts in Ko Samui


My husband and I stayed at Vana Belle in March, and honestly we hardly ever left the resort, which was unusual for us as we like to explore the areas around us when we travel. Vana Belle lures you in with its secluded and picturesque location, the beautiful beach with soft sand, great resort amenities, amazing service staff, and the abundance of activities offered right at the resort.

I found that these activities are very romantic in nature which is perfect for couples and honeymooners. Vana Belle is a great romantic getaway for couples and honeymooners, as well as an amazing wedding destination.

Vana Belle Resort, Panali Restaurant, Ko Samui, SPG, the luxury collection, Starwood

Before I continue with my list of 5 Romantic Things To Do in Ko Samui (without ever leaving the resort), I want to share 2 images of the view we had from our suite. Our suite was on the 3rd (top) floor, which allowed us to have a nice vantage point to overlook the beauty around the island. Here is what I saw every morning from our terrace:

Vana Belle Resort, Ko Samui, Thailand, the luxury collection, Starwood, SPG

I could even see the other portion of the island from our terrace which had with a private pool.  I would sit in our pool on the terrace and just enjoy the views and the tranquility:

Vana Belle Resort, Ko Samui Thailand, the best resorts in Ko Samui, the best hotels in Thailand, SPG, the luxury collection

5 Romantic Things To Do in Koh Samui (without leaving the resort):

1.  Saturday Brunch at Kiree Restaurant

Vana Belle hotel, Kiree Restaurant Saturday Brunch

This is not just a regular breakfast food or regular buffet hotel food – the menu choices at Vana Belle’s Saturday Brunch are so exquisite that you will have a really special afternoon as a couple. The brunch includes an extensive selection of fresh seafood (lobster, mussels, tiger prawn, crab); a huge variety of cured meats (including duck and 18-months aged parma ham), foie gras, unique cocktails, and a separate a la carte menu with more items to choose from.  Of course, you can have wine, cocktails, or soft drinks with your food.

Vana Belle Kiree Saturday Brunch

Add to that the secludedness of the location, the luxurious setting in which the brunch takes place, the fact that the beach is right there, waiting for you after you’re done eating, the lush jungle-like greenery all around – and you forget about everything, the time loses its count – it’s a great way to spend a lazy afternoon with your loved one.

Vana Belle Resort, Ko Samui, Thailand, the best resorts in Ko Samui, Starwood, the luxury collection, SPG

Vana Belle Resort, Ko Samui, Thailand, Starwood, the luxury collection, SPG

2.  Jib Nam Cha – Signature High Tea (Bird Cage Afternoon Tea)

where to eat in Koh Samui Thailand, where to stay in Koh Samui Thailand, bird cage afternoon tea in Thailand

Bird Cage Afternoon Tea at Vana Belle is another romantic way to spend an afternoon in Ko Samui, snacking on great food and enjoying stunning views of the Gulf of Thailand.  The food is different from what you normally get at the traditional British style high tea, which makes it only more interesting and more authentic to Thailand.

bird cage afternoon tea in Koh Samui, Thailand

Since the afternoon tea is served right by the beach, when you’re done with the tea, you can take a leisurely walk along the beach, enjoy the sea breeze and the views.  A great way to slow the passing of time and actually enjoy the present moment as a couple.

3.  Beachfront Dining at Panali Restaurant

Gulf of Thailand, Gulf of Siam, beachfront views Koh Samui, the luxury collection hotels, SPG, Starwood

What could be better than enjoying a perfect lunch (or dinner) surrounded by perfect landscaping and lush greenery, without crowds, while overlooking the Gulf of Thailand to a rhythmic sound of waves hitting the beach? Then, prepare to be impressed by Panali Restaurant that serves Italian, Thai, and International cuisine right above the beach.

beachfront restaurants in Thailand, best beachfront dining in Thailand, dinner on the beach, lunch on the Beach, the luxury collection hotels, starwood, best Italian restaurant in Koh Samui

The food is top notch, the service staff is very sweet and attentive. Having a lunch or dinner out in the open air with the view of the beach is a very special romantic experience.

Beachfront Dining at Panali Restaurant, Vana Belle Resort, in Koh Samui, Thailand

At any time during your lunch or dinner, you can take just a few steps away from the restaurant and see the beautiful Gulf of Thailand, without crowds.  The restaurant itself has a style of a bungalow, which creates a cozy and romantic ambience, especially at dusk:

Vana Belle Resort, Ko Samui, Thailand, Starwood, the luxury collection, SPG, Panali Restaurant, the best resorts in Ko Samui

4. Breeze BBQ Dinner by the Beach

seafood buffet, seafood BBQ night, crab, lobster, fish, salmon, pork, chicken, the luxury collection of resorts and hotels, Thailand, SPG, SPG life, Starwood

Thailand is famous for its seafood, and enjoying fresh seafood when sitting outside, next to the beach is definitely one of my top things to do. That’s exactly what Vana Belle offers during their Breeze BBQ nights. You get an amazing BBQ of fresh seafood, prime cuts of meat (chicken, pork, and beef), and the delicious buffet selection of salads, side dishes and desserts right by the beach. No wonder they call it the Breeze BBQ.

When on a vacation (especially as a couple), the view at the dinner is just as important as the dinner itself, and you get an unparalleled view of the Gulf of Thailand at Breeze BBQ at Vana Belle Resort while sitting right by the beach, at dusk, with the sun setting and the gentle breeze coming from water:

fresh seafood BBQ in Ko Samui, Thailand, Vana Belle Resort

You get to eat fresh lobster:

seafood buffet in Ko Samui, the luxury collection, Starwood

And whole bunch of other amazing seafood, such as mussels, scallops and squid:

mussels, squid, scallops, shellfish, best seafood in Ko Samui, food in Thailand, best food in Thailand, the luxury collection, Starwood, SPG guest

5. Enjoy Spa treatment and ritual together as a couple at Vana Spa

Vana Belle Resort, Ko Samui, Thailand, the best resorts in Ko Samui, Vana Spa, best spa in Ko Samui

Vana Spa offers several Signature Rituals that you can experience together as a couple as well as all kinds of massages and treatments. Pretty good and romantic way to spend several hours, don’t you think?

Vana Belle Resort, Ko Samui, Thailand, SPG, the luxury collection, Starwood, Vana Spa, the best spa in Ko Samui

The spa itself is located in a beautiful spot, with lush greenery and gorgeous landscaping. You feel like you are in a jungle, and can even see little elephants peeking through the bushes.

Vana Belle Resort, Ko Samui, Thailand, Starwood, SPG, the luxury collection, Vana Spa, the best spa in Ko Samui

The spa staff is super friendly just like everybody else at Vana Belle: the spa is located right next to the gym which I used a lot during my stay at Vana Belle, and I couldn’t walk to the gym without being sweetly greeted by the girls at the spa who just happened to see me passing by.  And it happened every day, every time I went to the gym – makes you feel welcome and at home at wonderful Vana Belle Resort.

Vana Belle Resort, Ko Samui, Thailand, Starwood, the luxury collection, SPG, SPG guest, Vana Spa, the best spa in Ko Samui



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