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How to cook raw beets

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I always buy fresh raw beets and then cook them at home the way I like. Here I will describe how to cook raw beets by boiling them.

How to cook beets, cooking beets

First, I want to profess my everlasting love for beets. Not only do they add wonderful accents to various recipes, they also have an excellent nutrition value.

OK, here is how to cook beets:

1)  Put beets in a pan and cover with water.Cooking beets

2)  Bring to boil – it usually 10 minutes for the water with beets in my pan to start boiling.  Then, once water starts to boil, boil beets for 20 minutes.

3)  Pour the hot water out and let beets cool off (without lid on) for another 20 minutes. It’s important to pour the water out and remove the lid when cooling off the beets, otherwise they will get too soft.

4)  After beets have cooled off, you can use butter knife to easily peel the skin off them.
Cooking, peeling beets

5)  After that, beets are ready to be placed in an air tight container (or zip-lock) and be kept in the refrigerator.

Note: While I like to boil all of my beets for 20 minutes, you might experiment by boiling them 10 minutes longer (especially if your beets are large), because the centers of large beets might not cook through in 20 minutes. But for small or medium size beets – 20 min is perfect!



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